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IPL Treatment for Dry Eye and Skin

The Stellar M22 Treats Dry Eye & More


In addition to eye care, Redstone Family Vision now offers select skincare services, including photorejuvenation with the Lumenis Stellar M22.


The Lumenis Stellar M22 is unique in that it treats a variety of skin conditions as well as dry eye disease, and we are proud to offer this treatment to patients in our offices.


The Stellar M22 is Photofractional™ technology, a sequential treatment of IPL that can improve skin texture & appearance, for both skin texture and tone, for overall improved skin appearance.


This device safely and effectively treats different indications in different skin types, age, and gender. It is a holistic treatment approach for treating many  conditions, including:

  • dry eye disease
  • pigmentation
  • skin texture
  • acne
  • broken capillaries
  • facial veins
  • roseacea & redness


Call us today to schedule your dry eye or skin consultation with Stellar M22 photorejuvenation technology.

Call 803-548-3937 to schedule a consultation for Stellar M22 Light Therapy at our Indian Land optometrist office and give your skin – and your eyes- the level of care and attention they deserve.

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