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Emergency Eye Care

If you or your family find yourself in an eye emergency, Redstone Family Vision is available and ready to handle it. We are equipped to treat the majority of common eye emergencies, ranging from infections to trauma to dislodged contact lenses.


Common Eye Emergencies


  • Eye infections
  • Glass, metal, or foreign objects in the eye
  • Eye or eyelid punctures, cuts
  • Chemical exposure causing pain or vision problems
  • Sudden changes in vision or loss of vision
  • Scratches to the eye caused by foreign objects
  • Sudden onset of floaters or flashes of light


What to do in an eye emergency


  • Seek professional medical care immediately.
  • If you have chemicals in your eyes, flush with clean water for 15 minutes
  • If there is a foreign object in the eye, do not rub it. Gently rinse away debris if possible.
  • If you have been hit in the eye with a hard blow, use a cold compress on the eye to prevent swelling.
  • If your eye or eyelid has been punctured, cover the eye without compressing and do not rinse.

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